My Crystal Photography

Explore the mesmerizing world of microscope photography. Each photo is a unique work of art, formed by the delicate balance of chemistry. Our portfolio showcases the stunning beauty and intricate details of these tiny wonders.

Our Stunning Photographs are printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Paper Maxima which is Specially designed for fine art and museum display, high-end output results. the ultraHD Photo Print is then placed Under Acrylic Glass, bonded to aluminum and sealed for a lifetime.

About My Crystal Photography

At My Crystal Photography, we specialize in capturing the beauty of crystals through the art of microscopy. By diluting chemicals with water and alcohol on a microscope slide, we are able to create stunning crystal formations that are truly unique. Our passion for photography and science has driven us to perfect our craft over the years, and we are proud to offer our art to clients who share our love.

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